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LGBTQIA+ Terminology

Why Gender Pronouns Matter

Why Gender Pronouns Matter

"My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and that's a non-negotiable...they're so important because they are the smallest and easiest way that you can acknowledge somebody's identity."

Trans students explain why pronouns are so important.

Gender Spectrum - Language of Gender

  • Gender Spectrum offers some working language and examples of frequently used (and misused) terms as a starting place for dialogue and understanding.

Guide to Neopronouns

  • Neopronouns are typical gender neutral pronouns commonly used by people who are trans or non-binary. This interactive website introduces some common terms.

It Gets Better - Glossary

  • Many LGBTQ+ people use labels to express who they are that can help listeners understand who that person is and how they wish to identify. Here is a list of some common terms.

Practice with Pronouns

  • Having trouble getting used to a friend's new pronouns? Check this out.

University of Maryland LGBT Equity Center - Inclusive Language

  • Provides examples of gender inclusive alternatives to binary assumptive language and a list of terms to avoid.

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