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Preparing For Your Telehealth Visit


We have scheduled your visit to be done by Telehealth. This means we will conduct your visit using a secure and HIPAA compliant two-way video chat application. The application is similar to Skype or Face-Time, but we use a specific platform for healthcare.  

You have the option of using a computer/laptop that has video chat accessibility or using a smart phone.

  • If you use a computer/laptop, please be sure to use Chrome Browser for your visit.
  • If you choose to use a smart phone you will need to download Teladoc Health Patient from the App Store. Follow the link below for more information about the application needed for your appointment.

    Android    iPhone

Accessing Your Appointment

  • You will be sent a link via text or email depending on the contact information you have provided. This link will be sent before your appointment, and it will start your check-in process. The link will be accessible for 1 hour, and this step needs to be completed before your scheduled appointment time.
  • You will be sent another link via text or email that will connect you to a secured video chat. The invitation to your appointment will expire if it is not accepted within 15 minutes. We do our best to send the link code at your scheduled appointment time, but due to high volume we may contact you a few minutes later than your scheduled appointment time.

Privacy and Safety

  1. To protect your privacy, we ask that you attend your appointment from from a quiet and private space so that you are able to openly discuss sexual health during your telehealth visit. We also ask that the appointment has your full attention during your visit.
  • Please be in a space that will allow for you to have the best service/data connection for your visit.
  • Please do not accept the link while driving, as it is illegal to use a mobile device while driving. Even if you utilize “Hands-Free” communication tools the providers will not continue your appointment if you are driving.
  • Be available via phone at the time of your appointment. If needed, we will call the contact number you provided to help you with the application process. This call may come from a blocked number. Many phones automatically reject blocked numbers. Please update settings as needed.
  • You must be in the same state as where your appointment is scheduled.

For example, if you scheduled your appointment at an Oregon health center, you must be in Oregon during your video chat appointment.

If you need to come into the Health Center, we will set up a time for you to do so at the end of your visit.

Preparing For Each Service

Birth Control Consultation

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