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What do we offer?

We offer education on a wide range of topics in an age-appropriate, medically accurate and inclusive manner.  Curriculum on any aspect of sexuality, reproductive health, healthy decision making, youth empowerment and career development and personal responsibility can be developed and provided. Below are some of our core lesson topics, with each adjusted to fit the needs of the group and meet people where they are.

Program Topics

Birth Control Options

We explore all the birth control options, why and how someone might choose a birth control method (including medical reasons), understand why people use different birth control methods, communicating boundaries with safer sex, and more. 

STIs and Safer Sex

We review the key information for safer sex, best practices for STI prevention, and addressing the stigma that can be a barrier to protecting one's health. 

Anatomy and Physiology

We explore reproductive anatomy and specifically how ovulation, pregnancy, menstruation, ejaculation, and other physiological processes work. 


We answer common questions about growing up and what to expect during puberty, including teaching adults how to navigate conversations with young people in their life. 

Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

Discuss keys to a healthy pregnancy, what to expect in a healthy labor and delivery, different methods of delivery, postpartum care, and the diverse feelings of being a new parent.

Consent and Communication

We have in-depth discussion on what is and isn’t consent, how to communicate boundaries, and build skills in assertive communication for relationships, friendships, the workplace, and beyond.

Healthy Relationships

We investigate what healthy versus unhealthy and abusive relationships can look like, affirm the right to be respected in any relationship, and provide resources and support to those who may be at risk of intimate partner violence. 

Gender and Sexual Identity

We explore the diversity of identities people have with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity, discuss labels and what it means to come out, and how we can respect and support all people. 

Online Safety

We discuss how to stay safe online, being a critical consumer of information online, identifying digital abuse, and encourage the identification of trusted adults who can answer questions and support youth.


Is there a cost/fee? 

NO! All PPSWCF education services are offered free of charge. To talk more about what that education programming can look like, reach out to us at our email [email protected]!

Where do we teach?

To put it simply, everywhere!

  • Elementary, Middle, and High school 

  • After-School Programs 

  • Universities 

  • Parent and Caring Adult groups 

  • Youth Serving Agency Staff and Organizations 

  • Social Service Agency Staff who work with any other communities 

  • Community groups 

  • Criminal Justice Programs 

  • Churches 

  • Faith communities 

  • Libraries 

  • Recovery Centers 

  • Shelters 

If you see yourself on this list or think your organization, communities, and more would benefit from a single lesson or series reach out to us at [email protected]

Do you offer any specific/specialty lessons for particular communities?

We are proud to offer specialty programs by community based on our educators expertise areas. Some communities we have pre-prepared programming for include:

  • For Spanish-speakers
  • Centered on the LGBTQ+ community,
  • For pregnant/parenting groups
  • For parents/caretakers /youth serving professionals
  • For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Tailored for those struggling with substance use disorders/addiction.  

All presentations are curated with the audience in mind and with direction and support from your organization. We can accommodate  the specific needs of many communities, just reach out at [email protected].


For more information and to schedule: 

941-365-3913 ext. 1026 [email protected]