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Connecting Teens with Teens

Research tells us that health messages are more powerful when they come from a peer — someone who looks like you and experiences similar challenges. Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida's Peer Education Program trains high school students to provide accurate information about sexual health and help guide their peers in making healthy decisions about their bodies and relationships. Whether on the bus, the hall between classes, or hanging out after school, our Peer Educators are trusted sources of medically-accurate information for their peers.

Teens can join the Peer Education Program to connect with other people, gain more knowledge on sexuality education, shed light on issues, inspire others, and be part of the change in their communities.

This is what Peer Educators had to say when we asked “How has participating in the program helped you and/or your peers?”

  • "It has helped me learn more about my reproductive health."
  • "It helped me with public speaking."
  • "I built new relationships and had fun."
  • "I have learned a lot and have been able to effectively educate my peers on important issues."
  • "It has made me more informed and a better member of my community."
  • "It has helped me correct misinformation I learned from my friends and family."
  • "It gave me confidence and helped me mature."
  • "It had helped me see that we all want and need to be educated on sexual health topics."
  • "I have been able to correct myths and educate people around me."

We have Peer Education groups in Orange, Polk and Sarasota Counties. If you're interested in getting involved, please email [email protected].



Naked Truth

Welcome to Naked Truth, a magazine created by teens, for teens. 

Naked Truth is authentic, relatable, and timely. It’s a space where young people can share their honest opinions and get reliable information. This teen-led project was inspired by our peer educators who wanted to extend the safe and supportive space the Peer Education Program provides to more teens. Young people deserve to express their truths and feel validated in their experiences and we are honored to uplift their voices in Naked Truth.

Naked Truth Vol. 1 No. 1

In this first issue, young people openly express how both pandemics – COVID-19 and systemic racism – have impacted them and their communities.

Read Naked Truth

Watch our interview with Peer Educator and Editor-in-Chief, Brianna Nelson below to learn more about this exciting new project.