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Naked Truth is now open for pitches!

Calling for pitches for from young writers and artists across Southwest and Central Florida for our 6th issue centering around love. Deadline to pitch — February 29, 2024 

Submit now!

Welcome to Naked Truth: A magazine created by teens, for teens.

Naked Truth is authentic, relatable, and timely. It’s a space where young people can share their honest opinions and get reliable information. This teen-led project was inspired by our peer educators who wanted to extend the safe and supportive space the Peer Education Program provides to more teens. Young people deserve to express their truths and feel validated and we are honored to uplift their voices in Naked Truth.

Magazine Archive

Naked Truth — 2023 

This issue of Naked Truth shares how young people can express in their own voices, advocate for change, and the importance of taking action now more than ever. The issue shares a roadmap to community engagement as well as lessons from peers who share their journeys and the issues that matter to them.

Naked Truth - Summer 2022

In this issue of Naked Truth, we will explore what comprehensive education looks like and what influences accessibility to reliable information, particularly for marginalized individuals. Socioeconomic status, geographic location, and disability are just some of the factors that greatly influence what kind of information young people receive and how this affects how they are treated in education spaces.

Naked Truth - Summer 2021

This issue centers on the relationship young people have between our bodies and identities which are fundamentally connected. Young people from across the state share articles, poetry, and artwork showing their experiences with gender identity, body image, disability, beauty standards and more. 

Naked Truth - Winter 2021

In this second issue, young people explore relationship dynamics and openly share their experiences with different forms of relationships. We have also included educational information, resources for support, and interactive activities to help young people navigate healthy relationships, boundaries, and consent.  

Naked Truth - Summer 2020

In this first issue, young people openly express how both pandemics – COVID-19 and systemic racism – have impacted them and their communities.

Watch our interview with Editor-in-Chief of the first issue and Peer Educator, Brianna Nelson, to learn more about this exciting new project.