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Parents & Caregivers

PPOSBC offers workshops for parents and caregivers to make conversations about sexual and reproductive health a little easier. 



These workshops help parents/caregivers gain a greater understanding of why parent/caregiver-child relationships are important, and the benefits of discussing sexual and reproductive health topics with their youth. They also include tips for how to start difficult conversations. Sessions are available in-person or virtually, in English or Spanish.

Topics include:

Parent/Caregiver-Child Communication 

  • Parents/caregivers learn about the benefits of open and honest communication around sexual and reproductive health with their youth, the developmental process, challenges faced by youth, and review effective strategies to improve communication in order to promote healthy adolescent sexual development.

Healthy Relationships 

  • Parents/caregivers review the essential components of relationships, identify healthy vs unhealthy traits, and build skills to be able to have healthy discussions about relationships with your teen.

Birth Control & STIs

  • Parents/caregivers learn medically accurate information about popular birth control methods and STIs, discuss teen pregnancy and STI rates, and review answers to most commonly asked questions by teens.

Here Comes Puberty!

  • Parents/caregivers come together with their youth (4th and 5th grade) to learn about puberty. This workshop is an excellent resource for groups of parents/caregivers looking to prepare their students for the emotional and physical changes that happen during puberty. Parents/caregivers involved in PTA, sport groups, clubs, and other extracurriculars for their 4th and 5th graders are encouraged to book a workshop. Download flyer.

Peer Programs

Peer Programs

PPOSBC's Peer Programs offer teens and young adults the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be a sexual and reproductive health resource to their peers and communities. 

Students may be able to count Peer Program participation towards community services hours.

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To learn more about how to schedule a session, contact our Community Education & Outreach department.

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