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Get the Facts

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned abortion rights, allowing states to restrict or ban abortion. It is unjust and unacceptable that people in some states will be robbed of that right, and be forced to overcome unjust barriers just to access to the abortion care they need and deserve. 

Abortion is still legal in California. Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties will continue to provide the care and resources our patients have come to rely on. Our doors are open and we are still providing a full range of high-quality sexual and reproductive health services, including safe, legal abortion. 

We believe all people—no matter where they live—should have the right to control their own body, life, and future. Planned Parenthood will keep fighting to make sure all people get to determine the course of their own life.

Below you can find information from how the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision will affect other states throughout the country, to how you can get involved in helping to ensure access to care.

Facts About Abortion Access

Can I still get an abortion in CA?

Yes. California is considered a Reproductive Freedom State because abortion is codified in California, meaning that people are guaranteed the right to abortion.

The California Governor and the current state administration is planning for a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would ask voters to ensure permanent abortion access in the state. There’re also a dozen bills pending in the Legislature to bolster and protect abortion services, patients, and providers.

PPOSBC is committed to providing needed care to all patients, regardless of what state they live in. If you need assistance getting the care you need, click here.

Abortion Services at Planned Parenthood
  • Planned Parenthood provides options counseling which presents patients with all of their options including parenting, adoption, and abortion. We trust patients to make the decision that is best for them, and then provide the appropriate resources.
  • Abortion is a deeply personal decision. Ultimately decisions about whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child must be left to each individual, their family, and their faith, with the counsel of their health care provider. 
  • By age 45, half of American women will have an unintended pregnancy and 1 in 4 will have an abortion.
  • 92% of abortions occur within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Abortion is a safe and common procedure.
How Can I Support Abortion Access?
  • Donate
    Help ensure that no one is turned away from getting high-quality reproductive care, including abortion - regardless of their ability to pay. Donate to your local Planned Parenthood today. PPOSBC.org/give 
  • Advocate
    Join our political arm, the Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties, and  make sure California remains a Reproductive Freedom state and elect candidates that value access to affordable reproductive health services and comprehensive sexual health education.
  • Vote
    Help keep California a reproductive freedom state by ensuring we elect officials at all levels of government that support access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion. Learn more at March2thePolls.org.

Facts About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC)
  • PPOSBC provides high-quality reproductive health care, education, and advocacy. In addition to compassionate reproductive care, we also offer comprehensive primary care with Melody Health, and breastfeeding and nutrition support with Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) services.
  • Last year, 116,198 patients made up 228,617 medical visits across our nine local Health Centers.
  • Our reproductive health services include life-saving cervical cancer screenings and breast exams, Pap tests, STD testing and treatment, all forms of birth control, emergency contraception, HPV vaccines, and more. Learn more about PPOSBC in our Annual Report.
  • Over 94% of services are preventive.
  • PPOSBC never turns anyone away. We spent over $2.6 million in charity care through our Continuing Access to Reproductive Equity (C.A.R.E) Program last year, designed to cover costs for needed services of those that are unable to pay.
Planned Parenthood Across the Country
  • For 106 years, Planned Parenthood has been providing education, information, and health care services needed to make responsible choices about sex and reproduction.
  • More than 2.4 million patients have been served in one of our 600 Health Centers across the country.
  • 75% of patients have incomes at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level and approximately 60% of patients access care through the Medicaid program and/or the Title X family planning program.
  • 77% of Planned Parenthood patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy.
  • 26% percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are contraceptive services.
  • It is estimated that the number of unintended pregnancies averted by Planned Parenthood contraceptive services in a single year is around 500,000.
  • One in five women will go to Planned Parenthood at some point in her life. 

*As of 2019

Planned Parenthood Financials
  • Like any other health care provider, Planned Parenthood receives reimbursements for the medical services they provide.
  • PPOSBC never turns anyone away. We spent nearly $2.6 million on charity care last year, a program designed to pay for needed services of those that are unable to pay.
  • Federal funding DOES NOT pay for abortions. The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal dollars to be spent on abortions, except in the rare case of rape, incest, or the pregnant person's life is in danger.