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Is PrEP Right For You? 

PrEP is a daily pill taken to reduce your risk of HIV by more than 90%. This fast & easy quiz can help you determine whether it's right for you!

In the last 6 months, have you:

Thought about additional ways to protect yourself during sex? *
Been worried about your HIV status? *
Had sex without a condom? *
Had sex with a person whose HIV status you didn’t know? *
Had a sexually transmitted infection (an “STD”)? *
Been prescribed PEP to prevent HIV? *

In the last 6 months, have you had a sexual partner who:

Refused to use condoms? *
Was prescribed PEP to prevent HIV? *
Made you have sex when you did not want to? *
Had sex with anyone besides you without a condom? *
“Stepped outside of the relationship”/cheated? *
Has been in jail or prison and doesn’t know their HIV status? *
Shares needles or injection supplies? (Medication, drugs, tattoos, etc) *
Is living with HIV? *

PrEP is safe and effective

  • More than 90% effective in preventing HIV infection if taken every day.

  • Can protect you from HIV if you wish to get pregnant with an HIV+ partner.


PrEP is under your control

  • You can use it with or without your partner's knowledge.

  • For people of all genders.

Protects only against HIV

  • Use condoms and clean needles and injection supplies to prevent other infections.

  • Use birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Paying for PrEP

  • PrEP is covered by Medicaid, many health insurance plans, and assistance programs. 

  • Planned Parenthood can help you understand your options.