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PPMW Policy on Service Animals

Visitors and patients with disabilities may bring a service animal into a PPMW facility. PPMW welcomes and seeks to create a supportive environment for all patients and visitors and believes that healthcare should be equally accessible to everyone. This commitment and welcoming environment also extend to and admits the service animals who help our patients and participants thrive!  Below are FAQs regarding service animals at PPMW. 

Which animals qualify as “service animals?” 

Only dogs are permitted service animals. The dog must be trained to work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. 

Do emotional support, comfort, or therapy animals qualify as service animals? 

Unfortunately, you cannot bring an emotional support, comfort, or therapy animal to your appointment. 

Are there limits to where my service animal may go in PPMW?

No, there is no limits. However, we do require that your service animal meet these criteria when it accompanies you to PPMW:

  • Healthy, clean, and groomed (no fleas, ticks, or sores)
  • House broken
  • Under your control (leash, harness, or other effective controls)
  • Well behaved (no uncontrolled barking, biting, or scratching)
  • Vaccinated as required by state law

Who is responsible for the service animal? 

You are responsible for the service animal at all times. PPMW staff will not be able to provide care for your service animal.  

What questions will staff ask? 

We may inquire about the services your animal is trained to perform for you.  We will not ask for any training certification or documentation. We may also ask for proof of vaccinations. Many service animals wear special harnesses or collars to do their job. While this is not required under law, it may help others (including other patients) understand that your service animal is working and should not be disturbed. 

For more information about the American with Disabilities Act and Service Animals, please visit: https://beta.ada.gov/topics/service-animals/