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Our Mission

The mission of PPLM is to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health and freedom of choice by providing clinical services, education and advocacy. Our vision is that sexual health is essential to every person's well-being.


Our Vision for the Future

At Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, we envision a future where sexual health is a personal and public health priority. We are working to normalize sexual health through our education programs and a public awareness campaign designed to get people talking about what sexual health is, what it means to be sexually healthy, and the changes we need to improve sexual health in our culture.

We strive to create an environment and culture in which it is normal for parents to talk with their kids about healthy behaviors around sex and sexuality; to encourage young people to seek regular preventive care to reduce disease and unintended pregnancy, and create an environment in which people regard sexual health as important to them, and to society at large.

We envision a future where there is universal understanding and support for the right of each person to responsibly manage his/her sexual and reproductive health. Women's freedom, equality and health will be enhanced by access to a full range of family planning options. When the right to family planning is accepted as fundamental and mainstream, there is the potential for each woman to fulfill her own dreams.

We envision a future where laws will guarantee these rights and ensure access to quality health care, education and advocacy services. These services will be readily available in safe settings that preserve and protect the privacy and rights of each individual regardless of income, age, marital status, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

PPLM will work collaboratively with a broad coalition of schools, organizations, parents, elected officials, and policy makers to encourage and promote strong families and communities. We will work with our partners to create a future where laws and funding will be based on the health needs of individuals and the desire to achieve positive sexual health outcomes. We're focusing on improving access to health care and education for those who need it most. In this climate, policy makers will embrace prevention initiatives, and there will be broad support for family planning, sexuality education and freedom of choice.