Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) is

  • Ready when you are
  • Effective
  • Discreet
  • Long lasting
  • Completely reversible
  • Safe for breastfeeding

If you don't want to think about contraception every day - or even every month, a LARC may be a great choice for you.


The Implant

The implant is a small rod placed under the skin of the upper arm. Lasts up to 3 years and is >99% effective.

The Hormonal IUD

A small t-shaped device containing progestin, placed in the uterus. Lasts 3-7 years and is >99% effective.

The Copper IUD

A non-hormonal t-shaped device, placed in the uterus. Lasts up to 12 years and is >99% effective.

Getting a LARC at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts means:

  • Your insertion will be performed by a highly trained and experienced clinician
  • It will only require one appointment 
  • You can have your insertion at any age regardless of previous pregnancy history, and at any time throughout your menstrual cycle

Get the care you need, when you need it.

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