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An unplanned pregnancy is often a very emotional, challenging time. If you are considering adoption, Planned Parenthood of Illinois can help you receive free and confidential services with The Cradle, a local adoption agency.

The Cradle in partnership with Planned Parenthood of Illinois provides:

  • No-cost counseling by licensed social workers.
  • Birthparent selection of adoptive families for clients choosing adoption.
  • Support services and referrals for all clients.
  • Assistance with meeting medical and legal needs.
  • Ongoing counseling and support services for clients choosing a placement option.

What is adoption all about?

You have the chance to be a part of your child's life. You choose the family you would like to raise your child. You can stay in touch with your child and the adoptive family.

What is open adoption?

You choose a family for your child through letters and pictures from adoptive families. You can meet with the family and decide if you would like to work together toward an adoption. Your counselor will be there to support you throughout your planning.

Will my baby have a good home?

All Cradle adoptive families have been carefully screened and prepared to ensure that they will provide a safe and loving home.

Can I talk to an adoption agency even if I'm not sure about adoption?

Yes. Planned Parenthood of Illinois and The Cradle will help you think about all your options. You aren't required to choose adoption—the choice is always yours.

How much does it cost?

Planned Parenthood of Illinois and The Cradle counseling services are free of charge, and The Cradle can help with expenses and medical care.

Does the father of my baby need to be involved?

The Cradle can work with you no matter what your relationship is with the baby's father. There are steps the baby's father will have to take, or The Cradle can take for you, to ensure a secure and legal adoption.

How do I talk to my family about adoption?

Sometimes people don't feel comfortable discussing adoption with their family. If you want, The Cradle can help you talk to the important people in your life about your plans. If you already have children, we can help you include them in discussions.