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For Teens

Do you have questions about sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), birth control, relationships, sexual orientation, or gender identity? We can help you make informed, responsible, and healthy decisions!  We invite you to explore our website and services for your sexual health needs. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further information and updates.

Teen Night 

PPHP holds regular teen nights at our health centers. Come join us for some free food and participate in games and activities. Learn more about the services we offer at PPHP, find out about HIV and STI testing, or get some free condoms!


PPHP’s teen Peer Educators created public service announcements to encourage other teens to have safe and healthy relationships. Watch here.


Sex ed online? Yep. Check out nine new digital tools you can access on your cell phone. Topics cover relationships, birth control, peer pressure, communication skills, and planning for your future.


Learn more about relationships, our changing bodies, LGBTQ, and other sexual health issues.

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For Teens