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Teen Peer Educators

Would you like to get involved?

As a teen peer educator, you can serve as a resource in providing accurate information about reproductive health issues in your schools and communities.  All of our peer educators are recruited from local high schools and are required to take an interactive training that focuses on effective communication skills, decision-making, and human sexuality. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected].

Teen Information and Peer Services (“TIPSters”)
Our TIPS Program is a peer education project that trains teen educators to offer health and sexuality information and referrals to other teenagers of Rockland County. To become a TIPS peer educator, you must take 15 weeks of training to learn how to present educational programs on human sexuality, abstinence, sexual transmitted diseases, birth control, and HIV in both formal and informal settings, and participate in other health-related programs and leadership trainings. 

We are currently recruiting for 2017 TIPSters. The application is available here



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Teen Peer Educators