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Other than condoms, is there any kind of birth control method I can purchase without a prescription at a local drugstore?

Without a prescription, your best bet for birth control in your average drug store is definitely condoms. Besides condoms, you can usually also find spermicide in a drugstore, which is available in a few different forms. Spermicide isn’t the most effective method of birth control, but you can make it more effective by using it with a condom.

There are other places you can go if you’re looking for non-prescription birth control. Family planning clinics and school or university health centers often offer internal condoms as well as male condoms. Clinics and Planned Parenthood health centers often give condoms away for free, and the staff there can also help you learn about prescription birth control methods, if you’re interested. For more ideas on what type of birth control might be right for you, check out your birth control options or take our My Method quiz to figure out which methods might work well for you.

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