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I had sex using the “pull out” method, I just finished my third week of my birth control pill, how likely is it that i am pregnant?

If you’ve been taking the birth control pill correctly for three weeks, then you can feel confident that they’re working to prevent pregnancy. Since you also used the pull out method, or withdrawal, you were technically using two different methods of birth control at the same time — which is a good way to ensure even more pregnancy protection.

If you’re having vaginal sex, no birth control method or combination of methods is guaranteed to be 100% effective. But using both the birth control pill and another method of birth control — like a condom or the pull out method — can make vaginal sex a lot safer. But since condoms are the only form of birth control that can also reduce your risk of getting or spreading an STD, it’s always a good idea to use a condom during sex.

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