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I have not been on the Depo shot for the past 3 months because of the quarantine. I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago and was wondering if I could still get pregnant even if I havent gotten a period in months?

Yes, it’s possible to get pregnant from sex you’ve had without a condom if it’s been more than 3 months since your last Depo shot. It can take a few months for your period to go back to normal after you stop getting Depo shots, but your ability to get pregnant returns much more quickly. If it’s been at least 3 weeks since you had sex, take a pregnancy test

If you want to get back on birth control, you may be able to do that without visiting your doctor or nurse in person. Tons of Planned Parenthood health centers are offering telehealth visits — you can have an appointment without needing to leave your home. So you can definitely still talk with a doctor or nurse about your birth control options during quarantine. And some Planned Parenthood health centers are also open for regular in-person visits. 

Condoms are still a good birth control option while quarantining — whether you’re sheltering at home or not — since they’re available both online and in drug stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores that are open as “essential” businesses. It’s never a bad time to stock up!

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