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help! i know alot about sex and everything but i dont know anything about what holes are for what! i dont even know how many are down there please help!

There is a total of 3 holes in the genital area. There are two holes in the vulva: the opening to the vagina and the opening to the urethra. The third hole is the anus (AKA butthole). Check out the diagram below.

The opening to the urethra (AKA urethral opening) is the tiny hole that you pee out of. It's located just below your clitoris and above the opening to the vagina. 

The opening to the vagina (AKA vaginal opening) is right below your urethral opening. The vagina is where menstrual blood (AKA your period) leaves your body, and where babies come out when you give birth. It's also where some people put tampons and menstrual cups to collect blood during their periods. Some people put things inside their vagina for sexual pleasure, like fingers, penises, and sex toys.

The anus is under the vaginal opening. This is the hole you poop out of. Some people may also put fingers, penises, or sex toys in their anus for sexual pleasure. Others don't like the feeling of something in their anus. You need to use lube if you put anything in your anus — otherwise it could be painful or even unsafe. And it’s very important that any sex toy that goes in your anus has a flared base (meaning it’s wider at the bottom) or some other way to stop the toy from accidentally slipping all the way in. If a sex toy goes all the way inside your butt, it could get stuck and you may have to go to the doctor to get it out.

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