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Someone asked us: I’m on depo and I was wondering if the effectiveness tapers off and it stops working as well as you get near the end of your 3 months when you have to get a new shot.

Short answer: nope! It might seem like the birth control shot — also called Depo-Provera or the Depo shot — would get less effective the closer you get to the end of the 3 month shot cycle, but it actually doesn’t. You get the same protection in month 3 as you get in month 1. 

But it’s important to get your next shot on time and not be late — even though the shot gives you really great protection against pregnancy for 3 months, pregnancy is possible if you go more than 15 weeks without getting your next shot. So do your best to get your shot on time every 12-13 weeks, but know that if you can’t and are a week or 2 late you should still be protected. If you miss your shot appointment and it’s been 15 weeks or more since your last shot, make sure to use another method of birth control (like condoms) until you can get your next shot

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