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Can you use a copper IUD and the pill at the same time? I just started the pill because my period is abnormal/awful and I need the hormones but I’m worried I’ll forget to take it or it won’t be as affective as an IUD.


Yes, you can take birth control pills if you have the Paragard (copper) IUD. The Paragard doesn’t have any hormones, so while it’s one of the best methods for preventing pregnancy, it doesn’t have any of the advantages that many people look for in hormonal birth control methods — like lighter periods, fewer cramps, and less acne.

While you don’t need to use both of these methods to prevent pregnancy, it’s okay to use them together to cover all your bases — reliable pregnancy prevention that’s there for up to 12 years and help for your heavy periods. In general though, it’s a good idea to tell your doctor or nurse about any medications you’re using (including the IUD) whenever you’re thinking about starting a new medication, so they can give you the best care.

And remember: even with all that protection from pregnancy, you still need to make sure you use condoms to protect yourself from STDs.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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