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Someone asked us: 

What initially causes the bacteria to std's & is it about cleanliness,bathing after sex etc…

Getting or not getting an STD isn’t a sign of how “clean” or “not clean” you are. And bathing after sex doesn’t prevent STDs, but condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams do. 

One of the best ways to prevent STDs is by using condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams every single time you have oral, anal, or vaginal sex, or do anything that can pass sexual fluids (like sharing sex toys). These methods can protect you and your partner from sexual fluids and some skin-to-skin contact, which can both spread STDs. 

When it comes to sex, soap is still your friend. If you touch your partner’s genitals with your hands, wash your hands before touching your own genitals, mouth, or eyes to avoid passing sexual fluids. If you’re sharing sex toys, make sure to wash the toys with soap and water before they touch another person’s body. You can also use condoms on sex toys — just remember to change the condom before it touches another person’s body.

Getting tested for STDs regularly is also part of safer sex, even if you always use barriers like condoms and feel totally fine. Most people with STDs don’t have symptoms or know they’re infected, and they can easily pass the infection to their partners. So testing is the only way to know for sure whether or not someone has an STD.

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