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Hello, my gf and I had sex or sort of i think.. We just wanted to feel but we did it without protection… I wasn’t in her very long and I pulled out a long time before I ejaculated… My question is can she be pregnant? Ive read about the precum and everything but my one friend says cause her period ended a week before we tried this, her chance of being pregnant is very slim and I dont really have to worry but I she still has to do a test to see if she is or isnt.. Please help. My friend recommends you people for advice on this topic strongly.

From what you said, your girlfriend probably did not get pregnant. But if she misses her next period, you’re right, she should take a pregnancy test.

Pulling out long before ejaculation can help prevent pregnancy, but it’s risky because guys can’t always tell exactly when they’re going to ejaculate. Also, some guys have a small amount of sperm in their pre-cum. There’s no way to know if you do or not.

And trying to figure out the risk for pregnancy using the timing of your girlfriend’s menstrual cycle is really hard, especially if she has irregular periods. So there’s really no 100 percent safe time to have unprotected sex.

If you and your girlfriend think you might continue to experiment with vaginal sex, she should ask a health care provider about going on an effective form of birth control (like the pill, ring, or IUD) so neither of you have to worry about unintended pregnancy. It’s also a good idea for both of you to get tested for STDs, just to be safe.

Using birth control AND condoms together is the best way to prevent pregnancy AND STDs. If you want to keep using the pull-out method to avoid pregnancy, you should also use condoms in case there’s sperm in your pre-cum or you don’t pull out in time.

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