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Yes, totally! But the best way to do it depends on what kind of pill you take. 

There are two main types of birth control pills: combination pills and progestin-only pills. Most people take combination pills. (Pro-tip: If you don’t know which one yours is, search the name of the pill online or ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.)

With combination pills, simply change the time you take your pill to whatever works best for you. These pills work as long as you take one every day, even if it’s not at the same time each day.

Progestin-only pills are a little more complicated. You need to take those within the same 3-hour window every day to be protected from pregnancy. If you want to change the time you take your pill to more than 3 hours later or earlier than you take it now, use a back-up birth control method like a condom or avoid having penis-in-vagina sex for 2 days after you start taking your pill at the new time. After 2 days, your progestin-only pill will be effective again, and you can continue taking your pill at the new time every day.

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