Planned Parenthood

Pacific Southwest

Community-Based Education

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest's (PPPSW) Community Education Program focuses on the important decisions that people have to make about their sexuality and offers information and resources that enable them to make healthy choices.

Educational presentations can be tailored for youth and adults.

PPPSW's Community Education Program offers the following topics to schools and community-based groups:

  • Introduction to Sexuality and PPPSW Services
  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, including Puberty
  • Pregnancy Prevention Methods
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS
  • Healthy Relationships

These topics can be provided as a series, with each topic designed for a 50-minute session.

All of PPPSW's presentations comply with California Education Code.

To learn more about PPPSW's Community Education Program or to book a presentation, please contact our office by region:

San Diego County or (619) 881-4607

East Riverside County or (760) 779-0360

West Riverside County and (951) 222-3126

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Community-Based Education