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Embody 8-session Comprehensive Sexuality Curriculum

Session 1 – Values and Sexuality

Module Goals

  • Identify the different parts of life that are impacted by sexuality.
  • Develop a list of personal values.
  • Analyze how family, religion, and community values influence personal values.

Module Topics/Activities
Defining Sexuality, Developing and Identifying Values

Session 2 – Sexuality and Gender Identity

Module Goals

  • Begin to explain how biological sex can differ from gender identity.
  • Recognize the gender norms and roles expected of individuals in your community.
  • Define relevant terms in relation to sexual orientation.
  • Distinguish between facts and myths regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Module Topics/Activities
Gender Stereotypes Breakdown (Gender in a Box), The Gender Unicorn

Session 3 – Healthy Relationships I

Module Goals

  • Discuss similarities and differences between various types of relationships.
  • Explain the differences between a healthy relationship and one that is not healthy.

Module Topics/Activities
Identifying Deal-Breakers and Healthy Relationships, Power & Control Wheel

Session 4 – Healthy Relationships II

Module Goals

  • Demonstrate negotiation skills within a relationship.
  • Demonstrate two effective ways to communicate in a relationship.
  • Explain the importance of consent in every sexual interaction.

Module Topics/Activities
Healthy Communication, Defining Consent

Session 5 – Anatomy

Module Goals

  • Locate, name, and describe the function of internal and external sexual and reproductive body parts.
  • Identify the wide range of variation in sexual and reproductive body parts.
  • Explain when and how pregnancy can occur.

Module Topics/Activities
Identifying Body Parts, Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, Sexual Response Cycle

Session 6 – Contraception

Module Goals

  • Compare effectiveness of contraceptive methods for preventing pregnancy.
  • Explain the difference between perfect use and typical use of contraceptive methods.
  • Demonstrate the skills to communicate with a health care provider about contraception.

Module Topics/Activities
Contraceptive Methods Presentation and Demonstration

Session 7 – Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Prevention

Module Goals

  • Demonstrate how to locate and use effective STI prevention methods.
  • Discuss the importance of testing and treatment for STIs.
  • Describe three possible symptoms of STIs.
  • Explain the steps a person should take if they are at risk of getting an STI.

Module Topics/Activities
STI Testing and Transmission Overview, Transmission Game

Session 8 – Reproductive Life Planning

Module Goals

  • Analyze how an unplanned pregnancy or STIs may impact life goals.
  • Identify when and under what conditions you may want to become pregnant.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate your plan with partners and health care providers.
  • Discuss the importance for everyone to have a reproductive life plan.
  • Explore why people’s reproductive life plans change throughout their life.

Module Topics/Activities
Developing a Reproductive Life Plan, Reproductive Life Plan Game

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