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Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania supports parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children. Given the special nature of the parent-child relationship, most children would prefer to learn about sexuality from their parents. Too, often however, parents hesitate to speak directly with their children about sexuality. It can be uncomfortable to begin the discussion, and some parents may need help figuring out what to say. This is why our education department continues to evaluate new materials that may be of help to parents and educators.

We have provided for you a list of recommended materials:

How To Talk to Your Kids About Sex Video

An informative video created for parents by Planned Parenthood.

The Mary Culbertson Resource Center

The Mary Richards Culbertson Resource Center is the largest resource center in southwestern and central Pennsylvania featuring a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of information and materials on human sexuality and family life issues. The resource center includes books, journals, curricula, research materials, brochures, teaching kits, models, flip charts and an extensive audiovisual lending library.

Access available by appointment. Please call 412.434.8957x115 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule.

The following topics are covered in the available books, periodicals, curricula and brochures:

  • abortion
  • parental notification
  • adoption
  • parenting
  • birth control
  • paternity issues
  • cancer
  • peer education
  • child abuse
  • political forces & issues
  • child birth
  • polling information
  • child care
  • pregnancy & prenatal care
  • classroom curricula
  • prostitution
  • crime & juvenile delinquency
  • puberty
  • family life education
  • rape
  • fertility & infertility
  • religious views
  • gender issues
  • reproductive research
  • genetics
  • reproductive technology
  • gynecology
  • safer sex
  • history of pp & family planning
  • school based programs
  • hiv/aids
  • self-esteem
  • homosexuality & homophobia
  • sexuality research
  • human reproduction
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • human sexuality
  • single parenthood
  • incest
  • special education & special populations
  • infant mortality
  • teenage pregnancy & parenting
  • international planned parenthood
  • unintended pregnancies
  • legal issues
  • vasectomy
  • lobbying information
  • women's health
  • male issues
  • women's movement
  • mass media
  • world health organization programs
  • maternal child health
  • zero population growth
  • medical research
  • morbidity & mortality rates
  • menopause & mid-life issues
  • nutrition & malnutrition
  • men's health
  • multicultural diversity
  • mental health issues
  • parent-child communication