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Share your story with Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood

Your Voice. No matter what. Don't let someone else speak for you.

Your story will help ensure that we will continue to be there for the women, men, and teens who rely on Planned Parenthood for birth control, prenatal care, abortion, cancer screenings, STD testing, comprehensive sex education and legislative advocacy.

With politicians determined to take away women’s access to quality, affordable health care, it’s never been more important to share your story and show that Planned Parenthood is a vital organization in your community. Share your story to show that you have the right to health care without political interference and regardless of anyone’s religious beliefs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please keep in mind that your story will appear on Planned Parenthood websites, brochures, and other written material with your first name, last name, age, city and state of your residence; and that information other than your name can identify you, such as unusual details about yourself or others. Please refrain from identifying any other individuals when telling your story.

Sharing your story is totally up to you. Planned Parenthood provides the same quality health care to all, whether or not they share a personal story. 

Please use this LINK to share your story with UHPP. One or two paragraphs about how you were helped by Planned Parenthood and the services you used along with your name and a contact phone number.

Voices for Choice

While those who are against a Woman’s Right to Choose would like us to believe otherwise, everyone has an abortion story. EVERYONE. The story may be your own. But it could also be your grandmother’s, your partner’s, or your friend’s.

The fact that many of these stories go untold creates silence around abortion, and that silence feeds the stigma. Those who would like to end a woman’s right to control her own health care decisions feed upon this stigma. Help us break the silence about abortion and end the cycle of stigma.

Our goal:
Sharing the stories around abortion help to end the stigma. By sharing the experiences of real people, we can take the idea of abortion of out of the closet and into the open. 

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