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Education and Training

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and age appropriate sexuality education that empowers individuals to make well-informed decisions regarding their sexual health across their lifespan, and to provide educational services and anti-oppression trainings in a manner that promotes social justice and freedom from ALL forms of oppression.


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Sunnen Family Library

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Who We Teach

We enthusiastically teach people of all backgrounds, ages, religions, occupations, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities. Contact us to discuss our predesigned programs or to create a custom lesson.

Request an Educator

Planned Parenthood offers programs on a variety of topics and can tailor the training and content to fit your needs. Request a presentation from one of our educators using the form below.

What We Teach

Education topics can be presented as standalone single subjects or as part of a healthy sexuality series. We recommend a series in order to obtain the full benefit of our educational programs. Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your group or organization

Where We Teach

We teach on site in a variety of settings including: Schools, workplaces, community based organizations, religious institutions, juvenile justice facilities, adult incarceration facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, and agencies for persons with physical or mental disabilities, and in special locations upon request.

Sunnen Library

The Sunnen Family Library offers parents, students, educators and medical professionals the most extensive collection of sexuality education resources in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Language of Sexuality
  • "Male" and "Female" Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Reproduction Myths and Facts

Body Image

  • Media Influence
  • Person-in-environment Perspective; Influences on Self-Images
  • Self-care and Self-love
  • Empowerment
  • Recommended as part of a series


  • Styles
  • Elements
  • Improvisations

Consent and Sexual Assault

  • Meaningful Consent
  • Rape and Assault
  • Communication
  • Coping and Response
contraceptive methods planned parenthood, birth control pills,

Contraceptive Methods

  • Facts, attitudes and decisions about contraceptives, including abstinence
  • Decision about sexual activity, including abstinence

Healthy Relationships

  • Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
  • Warnings Signs of Abusive Relationships
  • Relationship Evaluation
  • Dating Violence and Sexual Offenses
  • Coping with Assault

Media Literacy

  • Impact of media on sexuality, identity, relationships, gender roles
  • Role of media in sexuality education and personal development

Community Outreach

Education and training can staff a resource table for community events that features educational materials, safe sex kits, services cards etc.

We do community outreach at health fairs, conferences, community programming, festivals, expos, and any community event that wants to promote sexual health education, sexual and reproductive healthcare services, and healthy relationships for their attendees.

Teen Advocates for Sexual Health

Teen Advocates for Sexual Health (TASH) is a group of teens (grades 9-12) representing diverse backgrounds from the St. Louis area. With TASH, teens learn about sexual health, sexuality and how to be advocates in their communities.

Peer to Peer Training

In collaboration with local youth-serving organizations and schools, our Peer Education program provides adolescents with a 40-hour, medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education. Topics include:

  • Orientation
  • Human Sexuality
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Reproductive Health & STIs
  • Values & Decision Making
  • Contraception
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Teen Parenthood
  • Communication
  • Sexual Violence
  • Media Literacy

Professional Development

We can provide training programs for professionals who provide sexual health information to youth. Our trainers can tailor a specific program to meet the needs of your organization. A fee may apply; please speak to an Education Division presentative for more information.

Library Borrowing Policies

The following policies apply to ALL library members effective May 1, 2014, regardless of previous membership.

Puberty & Hygiene

  • Puberty Changes & Coping Strategies
  • Attitudes Toward Puberty
  • Decisions About Relationships
  • Decisions About Hygiene

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities

  • Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
  • Recommended as part of a series

Sexual Responsibility

  • Abstinence and Safer Sex
  • Protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy

Sexual Self-Advocacy

  • Life and Reproductive Planning
  • Identifying Desires
  • Considering Personal Objectives for Current and Future Relationships
  • Obtaining Needed Testing and Safer Sex Tools

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Facts, feelings and attitudes about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS

Library Membership

Membership is required to borrow any and all materials from the Sunnen Library. Memberships are available only to individuals 18 and up. There is an annual membership fee ($10 - $30) as well as fees for borrowing specific items.

Volunteer with Us

Interested in volunteering with our Education department? Volunteers help prepare program materials, table at health fairs, data entry, and much more. Apply to be a volunteer today!

Elementary School

Healthy friendships, communication, self-esteem, puberty

Middle School

Puberty, hygiene, body image, healthy relationships, safer sex practices, STIs, birth control, reproductive healthcare

High School

Sexual orientation, gender identity, media literacy, birth control, safer sex practices, STI prevention

Graduating Seniors

Special focus on consent, sexual responsibility, healthy relationships

Persons With Disabilities

Sexual self-advocacy, sexual self-efficacy, reproductive anatomy

Parents and Caregivers

Tips for talking with children about topics of sexuality, resources for continual learning

Community Members

Sexually transmitted diseases, sexual and reproductive life planning, safer sex practices, sexual pleasure, PP services, reproductive health care, birth control


Professional development for educators, social workers, youth serving individuals etc.

Library Resources

  • Videos
  • Brochures
  • Books
  • Teaching Guides and Curricula
  • Reference Materials
  • Education Kits & Models
    • Birth Control Methods Kit
    • Male and Female Anatomy Models
    • Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator
    • "Baby Think it Over" Dolls

National Resources

Our list of national resources encompasses national organizations dedicated to promoting sexual health, reproductive rights and inclusivity. This list of resources can help you learn more about a variety of topics, answer your question and talk to your friends and family about these topics.

St. Louis Area Resources

Our list of St. Louis area resources is meant to connect the local community with other organizations in the area doing great work in sexual and reproductive health.

Student Resources

Our list of resources for students seeking sexual and reproductive health information. This page is also for students writing an article or report about Planned Parenthood.

Amazon Wish List

We're always looking for new additions to our library, and sometimes, we need help securing out most sought-after titles. Our Amazon Wish List has all the books - old, new, for children, for adults - we hope to have in our library.

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