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Press Releases

All press releases from Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. Please use the search bar to find a specific release.

Planned Parenthood Responds to Missouri Legislature’s Transphobic Ban on Care

This anti-science ideological crusade is straight out of the anti-abortion playbook — sham investigations, character assassination hit pieces, and inflammatory disinformation to impose cruel and insurmountable bans on lifesaving care and continue legislating our freedoms out of existence.

May 10, 2023 • Missouri

Missouri Legislature “Defunds” Planned Parenthood Again, Despite Courts Ruling Such Action Unconstitutional

Missouri is the fourth state to violate federal Medicaid law by blocking Planned Parenthood from the program

May 5, 2023 • Missouri

Planned Parenthood Response to Court Temporarily Blocking Attorney General Bailey’s Dangerous Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

Planned Parenthood remains optimistic that the court will permanently strike down this harmful ban

May 1, 2023 • Missouri

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