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Promotores de Salud Curriculum

Introduction to Sexuality Education/Promotores de Salud
This introductory lesson covers how support and access to community and resources can improve a person’s health and wellbeing. Participants will explore their own values about sexual health and reproduction, identify barriers to accessing healthcare, and develop strategies to address those barriers.

Anatomy and Physiology
This lesson describes the human reproductive systems, including both external and internal body parts and their functions. Participants will learn about naturally occurring differences in human bodies, and how these variations may be stigmatized in the medical system and in communities.

Healthy Relationships
Developed through a trauma informed lens, this lesson will touch upon the sensitive topics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Participants will define interpersonal and domestic violence, and learn how to access healthy relationship resources in their community.

Sexual Wellness
This lesson defines sexual wellness and reproductive justice with an emphasis on pleasure and intimacy. Participants will analyze how culture, community, and the media influence attitudes and beliefs about gender and sexual identity. This heavy topic will be approached with care so participants feel comfortable engaging with content.

Birth Control and Sexual Protection
This lesson will identify factors that impact pregnancy and the transmission of STIs. Participants will learn about Birth Control and Sexual Protection methods and how to access these services.