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Promotores de Salud

Promotores de Salud is a Latino/e sexuality and reproductive health program. Modeled after Central American and Mexican education programs, Promotores de Salud is a bilingual, peer-led initiative aiming to expand access to sexual and reproductive health information and care to Latino/e youth, families, and the greater community. Promotoras are trusted community members and leaders with the same goal in mind: empowering Latino/e communities who face institutional and cultural barriers in accessing health care and social services.

Who are Promotoras? Promotoras are trusted community members trained in sexual health and health resources. They provide individual and group presentations in their communities and neighborhoods, in both Spanish and English. Education is delivered in locations familiar and comfortable to the community such as: schools, churches, “house parties”, health centers, virtually, and through one-on-one outreach.

Promotoras share their knowledge with friends, family and neighbors with the intention of fostering community empowerment.

Education and outreach for the community, done by the community.

Contact Us!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email [email protected].

Program Information

Who We Are

PPSO is committed to working alongside the Latino/e community to develop long standing relationships that support and empower the community. The Promotores de Salud program is dedicated to training Promotoras who serve as community leaders positioning themselves as a connection to bridge the gap between sexual and reproductive healthcare, health information and the Latino/e community.

National Program

The Promotores de Salud program model is not new. This 20-year, research supported, educational program is implemented in different states across the country. PPSO is dedicated to bringing this successful program to Oregon with culturally relevant information and local community leaders.

Promotores de Salud Curriculum

The Promotores de Salud curriculum includes 5 sexual and reproductive health lessons in both English and Spanish. PPSO worked alongside the Latino/e community in Southwestern Oregon to determine curriculum topics and create a culturally inclusive program that serves the need of our local community.

Become a Promotora

Promotoras are trusted community members and leaders looking to make a difference in their communities. After undergoing comprehensive training, Promotoras will organize sexuality education and reproductive health “platicas” or talks in schools, churches, community centers, and even homes! Our training ensures that Promotoras feel comfortable delivering information that is sensitive and at times challenging.

Request a Program

Promotores de Salud provides a comprehensive sexual health program that is culturally inclusive, accurate and empowering. Promotoras are ready to create a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone to engage in sexual and reproductive health conversations. Are you ready to bring a Promotora to your community?

Resources for the Community

PPSO is committed to empowering and supporting the Latino/e Community in all areas. To keep sexuality education and reproductive health information accessible, we have compiled a list of resources for youth, parents, and the general community.