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There is currently a 4 to 6 month wait for Gender Affirming Care patients who are new to care at PPSP.

Please fill out the Wait List Form to be added to the wait list.

Wait List Form

Gender Affirming Care

Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania is proud to offer gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) to transgender and non-binary patients 18+, in-person at our Center City and Pottstown locations and through telehealth. (must be in PA for telehealth).

We are committed to providing high quality, reproductive and sexual health care — including abortion — to people of all genders, and to ensuring our patients are treated with compassion and respect.

If you would like to become a new patient, please submit a Wait List Form, linked at the top right of the page.

Connect With A Patient Navigator

If you have questions about our service, are unsure if you’re ready to start, or are already on hormones and are transferring care to PPSP, connect with the Patient Navigator by calling 215-351-5561.

You can find additional information about our services, navigating your healthcare, and finding further resources in our Patient Education Documents below.

Hormone Therapy Services

PPSP offers hormone therapy for all transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive people ages 18 years and older

Depending on individual patient needs and unique health considerations, we can provide the following hormone care.

Estrogen-based hormone therapy

  • Testosterone-blocking medications: spironolactone, finasteride
  • Estradiol medications: injections, patches, pills (swallowed or dissolved under the tongue)
  • Progestin medications

Testosterone-based hormone therapy

  • Testosterone medications: injections, gels
  • Scalp hair loss management: finasteride

“Microdosing” or intermediate dose hormones


We use an informed consent model of care. This means that clinicians discuss the risks and benefits of hormone therapy with patients, and clinicians work with patients to determine the plan that is best tailored to their needs in the context of their medical conditions. Patients do not need a mental health referral to receive hormone care at PPSP.

Resources for youth (under 18 years of age)
Why is Planned Parenthood providing gender affirming care?

Providing Gender Affirming Care health care services to  transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderqueer identified patients aligns with our mission of enabling all people to make empowered, informed decisions about their bodies and lives.

What is gender affirming hormone therapy?
  • Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT), also known as medical transition, is one way for transgender individuals to feel and look more like the gender with which they identify. Some, but not all, people also pursue surgical options as a component of medical transition, however PPSP will not be offering surgical options.
  • GAHT is a component of a medical transition which is used to change the body’s endocrine system to more closely match the person’s gender identity. GAHT can include testosterone-blocking agents (or anti-androgens) and hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.
Why don’t we offer GAHT to patients younger than 18?

We’re not offering GAHT services for those under 18. Helping a teen transition medically is a process which involves not only medical providers, but also mental health professionals and possibly legal services. It also requires the involvement of the family in terms of education and consent. PPSP is not able to offer this service at this time and we will reassess offering GAHT to patients under 18 in the future.

Patient Education Documents

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Review this document prior to your first GAHT appointment.

Blood Pressure

Information about getting a blood pressure reading.


Where, when, why, and how we monitor blood work.

Preparing for Your Injections

Information on injection supplies and doing self-injections.

GAHT Injection Guide

Detailed guidance on how to perform self-injections.

GAHT Prescriptions

Instructions for getting your prescription refills and prescription FAQs

Effects of Estrogen-based Therapy

Overview of physical effects from estrogen-base GAHT.


Effects of Testosterone-based Therapy

Overview of physical effects from testosterone-based GAHT.

Insurance and Payment Information

Insurance coverage and payment options for your appointment. For billing questions, call: (267) 687-6650.

GAC Resource Guide

Variety of resources related to gender affirming care and quality of life. Seeking resources in another area? Call the GAC Support Team: (215) 351-5561.


Frequently asked questions about GAHT and healthcare at PPSP.

Myth Busting 

 Accurate information about gender affirming care.

Where to schedule follow up appointments 

Center City Philadelphia

1144 Locust Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19107


2081 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464