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Some of our lawmakers in the Pennsylvania legislature have decided to score political points at the expense of Pennsylvania women, and have been moving fast to impose even greater restrictions on access to abortion.

In December 2011, Senate Bill 732 was signed into law by Governor Corbett. This bill forces free-standing abortion providers to be regulated as Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (ASF) which require burdensome and unnecessary structural and staffing changes. This bill is not about patient safety but instead is aimed at making abortion inaccessible in Pennsylvania.

In June 2013, Gov. Corbett signed HB 818 into law, prohibiting private insurance companies that plan to sell healthcare plans through Pennsylvania's forthcoming state health insurance exchange from covering abortion, even in cases of medical emergency, health of the mother, and severe fetal anomaly.

In 2014, dangerous admitting privileges legislation (similar to what has passed in Texas, Mississippi and other states) was introduced in session, but thankfully it did not become law. This kind of bill is also not about patient safety but impeding access and shuttering doors to providers.

On a positive note, PPSP is part of a coalition of organizations working with the Women's Health Caucus of the Pennsylvania legislature on the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health. This package of bills includes legislation that would protect doctors from having to give patients false information (such as "abortion causes breast cancer"), a statewide buffer zone for providers, and more.

How you can help right now!

  1. Follow PPSP on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Contact your elected official and tell them to protect women's health.
  3. Visit the We've Had Enough website for details on the recent attacks, and follow We've Had Enough on Facebook and Twitter. Also watch and share the We've Had Enough video!
  4. Spread the word to your friends and family and help us stop dangerous legislation!
  5. Support positive legislation - learn about the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health and urge your lawmakers to sign on to the bills!





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