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Programs for Parents & Youth-Serving Professionals

PPSP hosts a variety of workshops for teachers, parents, counselors, and other adults who work with young people. We cover a range of topics -- aimed at helping adults become "askable" so they can support youth with accurate information and shame-free guidance.

Popular program topics include:

Trauma-Informed Sexuality Education

Trauma is a public health issue that has a far-reaching impact on the health of youth, including their sexual health.  Adults do not often consider trauma when approaching discussions of sexual health with youth, focusing on the dangers and risks involved. This approach can be re-triggering and increase a youth’s sexual risk-taking behavior. In this webinar, participants will learn the impact of trauma on sexual behavior, explore the principles of trauma-informed sexuality education and apply these principles to common sexual health discussions with youth.

Working with LGBTQIA+ Youth

Working with LGBTQIA+ youth and affirming their orientations, identities, and expressions helps to create a sense of safety and well-being -- fostering positive and impactful relationships with youth.  In this webinar, participants will learn key terminology and concepts, explore their attitudes and values regarding LGBTQQA+ youth and identify strategies for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Being an "Askable" Adult

While youth access to sexual health information has increased with technology, youth’s access to trusted adults who can help them navigate the confusing and sometimes overwhelming information has not kept pace. Being “askable” means that young people see you as approachable and open to questions.  This webinar will help support youth-serving professionals in their efforts to convey positive and sexually healthy messages to teens and young adults. Participants will explore their attitudes and values regarding sexuality, build comfort answering questions, and learn about minor’s rights to reproductive health care.

Understanding Affirmative Consent

Consent is a fundamental concept that everyone needs to understand.  Many young people believe that consent is the absence of “no,” but the reality is much more complex.  This webinar will help participants understand the definition of consent, what consent is and is and is not, ways to look for consent, and tips for talking with youth about consent.

Pre-Adolescent Sexuality

Research shows that youth are going through puberty and related experiences at younger ages.  In this workshop, participants will discuss the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes that occur for youth between the ages of 9-13, explore the interaction between normal developmental experiences and risky behavior, identify effective ways to answer questions, and examine ways to be more approachable to pre-adolescents.

Adolescent Sexuality

In this workshop, participants will define sexuality, examine the developmental stages of adolescence, recognize their own fears in addressing sexuality issues with adolescents, identify effective ways to answer questions about sexuality, and examine sensitive issues related to sexuality and ways to manage them.

Birth Control Update

In this workshop, participants will increase their knowledge of up-to-date information on contraceptive methods, including Emergency Contraception, oral contraceptives, long-acting reversible contraceptives, and more.

STD Update and Safer-Sex

In this workshop, participants will increase their knowledge about sexually transmitted infections and diseases, examine sexual behaviors and their risk for transmitting infections, discuss questions/answers about STDs, and review ways to reduce the risk for transmission.

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