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The First Step

Prenatal care is a very important first step in having a healthy baby. As partners in your care, we want to show you what you will need for a healthy pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Access Bridge (“Bridge”) visit takes place in between your positive pregnancy test and your first prenatal visit with you prenatal provider.

The appointment is not a substitute for prenatal care and it is important to continue with a prenatal provider to get the full range of tests that you need.

Tests and Lab Work

At your Planned Parenthood Bridge appointment, we offer the following services:

•   An ultrasound that tells you how far along you are
•   Gonorrhea test
•   Chlamydia test
•   HIV test
•   Syphilis test
•   Flu shot (if available)

Here is a list of the additional things your prenatal provider might test for when you start prenatal care:

•   Anemia (low iron)
•   Blood type
•   Hepatitis
•   Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
•   Measles or mumps
•   Diabetes
•   Genetic testing for conditions like Down Syndrome
•   Cervical cancer (pap smear)

Important Steps For Prenatal Care

  1. Apply for ongoing Medi-Cal or other health insurance coverage.

•   By telephone
–    San Bernardino County (877) 410-8829
–    Orange County (714) 541-4895
•   In person at your local Medi-Cal office
•   Online at
–    benefitscal.com
–    http://www.coveredca.com/get-help/local/

  1. Once your Medi-Cal or other insurance plan is approved, select a prenatal provider and call to schedule your first prenatal visit.
  2. At your first prenatal appointment with your prenatal provider, bring a copy of the ultrasound.

Need More Information About Your Pregnancy?

Please visit https://www.acog.org/patients for more information on the following topics, and many more.

•   Pregnancy and nutrition
•   Nausea and pregnancy
•   Exercise and pregnancy
•   Benefits of flu shot
•   Smoking, alcohol, and drugs
•   Travel during pregnancy

Other helpful websites:

•   https://mothertobaby.org/
•   choosemyplate.gov/
•   http://patients.pposbc.org/