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Get the facts with Planned Parenthood

Watch the Planned Parenthood staff answer common questions about sex ed, the organization, and more!

You have questions 
and we have answers!

Watch Molly and Melissa get grilled
on popular sex ed questions. 

Can you get pregnant if you're on your period?
It's the girl's responsibility to take birth control?
Do people who identify as LGTBQ need birth control?
Does peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?
What is the perfect birth control?
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Rebecca and Jessica debunk common sex ed myths!

Watch as Rebecca and Jessica discuss common sex ed questions in a fun game of True or False! Click on the questions below to watch more videos.

Can you get an STI from oral sex?
If you’re drunk can you still consent?
Are gay men at higher risk for STIs?
Can you get an STI from a toilet seat? 
Can you get pregnant if you’re on your period?
Can urine kill sperm?
Can you tell if someone has an STI just by looking at them?
Do LGTBQ women need to get pap tests?
Can you be abstinent if you already had sex?
Can you take a pregnancy test a week after sex?
Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Nichole and Rebecca give a Planned Parenthood 101 crash course!

Watch as Nichole and Rebecca discuss common misconceptions about Planned Parenthood! Click on the questions below to watch the videos.

What does Planned Parenthood actually do?
Does Planned Parenthood serve men?
If you have health insurance can you go to Planned Parenthood?
Does Planned Parenthood provide mammograms?
Does Planned Parenthood mostly provide abortions?
Planned Parenthood gives women ALL their options
What does defunding actually mean?
Do Federal dollars pay for abortions?
What's the inside of a Planned Parenthood health center really like?
Does Planned Parenthood have "real" doctors?
If Planned Parenthood is defunded, can community clinics pick up the "slack"?