This curriculum, the first of its kind in the country, is designed for self-advocates and staff to teach a sexuality education series together as a team.

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The manual provides tips on how to establish a sexuality education group and how to be an effective, engaging sexuality educator. It also outlines common challenges when teaching this topic and offers tactics to overcome them.

The 350-page cognitively accessible curriculum includes 20 lessons with scripts, handouts, detailed pictures, and teaching tools - everything you need to get started.

The pre/post test packet includes a pre/post test plus instructions on how to give the test to the participants in your groups.

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Katherine McLaughlin was a sexuality educator and trainer for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England for 20 years. Ms. McLaughlin, an expert on sexuality and developmental disabilities, has taught sexuality education to people with developmental disabilities as well as trained them to be sexuality educators themselves. She has trained nationally at conferences and workshops, has developed and led parent workshops on Talking to Your Kids with Disabilities about Sexuality, and has trained staff on how to address sexuality with people with disabilities. Katherine has co-authored several curricula including PPNNE's Sexual Violence in Teenage Lives. Ms. McLaughlin also teaches human sexuality at Keene State College.

Karen Topper works as the state coordinator for Green Mountain Self-Advocates, a statewide self-advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities. In the 70's and 80's she worked to create individualized supports for people moving out of institutions in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. During the 90's she worked for the Center for Disability and Community Inclusion at the University of Vermont providing technical assistance to include students experiencing emotional difficulties in regular classrooms. Topper has worked for and been an ally of the self-determination, disability rights and self-advocacy movements since the 90's. She served 4 years as a national adviser for SABE, Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered.

Jessica Lindert was employed by Community Associates, a developmental disability agency in Vermont, for 15 years and has been a pioneer in sexual self advocacy. Ms. Lindert has regularly networked with the progressive work being accomplished across New England and Canada on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities. She has led 4 groups of an eight to ten week healthy relationships skills-building series for self advocates and has facilitated a 3 part series for direct service staff entitled How Do We Talk About That?. Jessica is currently getting her nursing degree in VT.

If you or your agency is interested in being trained on how to use this curriculum or another topic related to sexuality and disabilities, you can contact Katherine McLaughlin at 603-499-1735 or [email protected]