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What is BlueMail?
BlueMail by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is a convenient way to have your birth control supplies sent to you by mail. Hands down, it's the simplest way to ensure you are ready for whatever life throws at you.

Who can enroll in BlueMail?
Patients living in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont may enroll in BlueMail. Patients billing Catamaran or Optum pharmacy insurances are not eligible for BlueMail.

What does it cost?
Processing and shipping for this service is FREE! You will only be billed for the cost of your birth control supplies or insurance co-payments. (Please note: our birth control prices are subject to change.)

When will my supplies be mailed?
BlueMail will send you a 3 month supply of your birth control every 10 weeks (8 weeks for patients using pills on a continuous cycle) until your prescription has expired. Due to some insurance guidelines, you may receive a 1 month supply every 4 weeks (3 weeks for patients using pills on a continuous cycle). A note will be included in each shipment to let you know when to expect your next shipment. The Depo Shot (used subcutaneously) will be sent every 10 weeks.

I have confidentiality concerns. Does the packaging say Planned Parenthood or "birth control" on it?
Nope! Our shipments are discrete and arrive in a brown envelope. Shipments do not say Planned Parenthood or mention the contents on the packaging. It lists BlueMail and our return address - that's it! 

Which types of birth control are offered through BlueMail?
At this time, we are able to ship birth control pills, the ring (NuvaRing), and the shot Depo-Provera
for subcutaneous use.

How can I start?

Fill out this form and mail it to:

8 Middle Street
Keene, NH 03431

You will need to purchase enough supplies from your health center to last three months so if you need more supplies, please call your health center. Your first shipment will be sent 8 to 10 weeks from when you enroll in BlueMail (5 to 6 weeks if you are using the pill or ring and your insurance allows only 1 pack at a time).

What happens at the end of my prescription?
BlueMail will include a note with your final shipment to remind you to schedule your next health center visit to renew your birth control prescription. 

Contact Information:
Please call or email about BlueMail department with any questions:
Open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
[email protected] 

Terms & Conditions:

Contraceptive and other products available through BlueMail are subject to change at PPNNE’s discretion. BlueMail will ship the maximum cycles of your birth control method as possible. This is dependent on insurance and inventory. Due to some insurance guidelines we may only be able to send a 3 month supply of birth control every 10 weeks (8 weeks for patient using pills on a continuous cycle) or a 1 month supply every 4 weeks (3 weeks for patients using pills on a continuous cycle) until your prescription expires. A note will be included in your final shipment reminding you that it is time to schedule your annual appointment at your health center. At your appointment you may re-enroll in BlueMail.

BlueMail requires patients who have pharmaceutical insurance to provide a signature for each shipment they receive to consent to billing their insurance. Failure to provide this can result in the patient being held financially responsible for their shipment and cancellation of their BlueMail subscription. Invalid insurance or loss of coverage may result in your BlueMail shipment being placed on hold or cancelled. Insurances eligible for BlueMail to bill are subject to change based on insurance regulations and PPNNE’s discretion.

Any patient who has applied for New Hampshire Family Planning Program, the MaineCare Limited Family Planning Benefit, or any other Medicaid expansion program and is not fully enrolled by the time of their BlueMail shipment will be processed as Self-Pay. This can result in BlueMail charging their credit/debit card for their contraception after any PPNNE discounts have been applied.

BlueMail can only ship to addresses within Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Any shipping address outside of our shipping area is not eligible for BlueMail and may result in your shipment being placed on hold or cancelled. Due to pharmaceutical dispensing regulations patients with a shipping address in a different state than their prescribing health center are not eligible for BlueMail.

PPNNE requires all BlueMail enrollees who do not receive fully discounted rate, including those with pharmaceutical insurance, to provide a valid credit/debit card for the cost of your contraception. This includes copays, remaining balances after insurance payments, or remaining balances after any PPNNE discounts. Credit/Debit cards that are invalid, expired, or declined may result in your BlueMail shipments being cancelled or placed on hold. BlueMail does not charge for shipping or handling.

Allow for 7 business days for the BlueMail Department to process cancellation requests, address changes, and reinstatements. Failure to notify BlueMail of any changes may result in late shipments and/or denial of refund requests for late cancellation requests or for shipments sent to incorrect addresses.