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Important Note: Please Read Before Scheduling

Currently, only the following services are available via telehealth:

  • Birth control (pill, patch, and ring only)
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
  • Treatment for urinary tract infections (UTI) and yeast infections

We now offer certain services through telehealth. Telehealth services are offered by the same expert staff that serve patients in our health centers, except you’ll be talking with someone by video through your computer or phone instead of in-person.
We are here to answer your questions, manage your prescriptions, and help you address your sexual and reproductive health care needs, without needing to visit a health center at all or with fewer visits.

Telehealth services include:

  • Birth control (pill, patch, ring)
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI/STD)
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment
  • Yeast infection treatment

Please note, abortion services are not available through telehealth.

To schedule a telehealth visit, please visit https://ppgnnj.timetap.com/.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does telehealth work?

Telehealth services are offered by the same expert staff that serve patients in our health centers. Once you set up a telehealth appointment, you will receive a unique URL (link) to visit when it’s time for your appointment.
During your appointment, the health center staff and clinician will be in a private place where they can meet with you virtually, much like in a regular clinic exam room. They will ask you questions about your health and will answer any questions you have in order to help figure out what services are right for you. 
If your visit requires medications, like birth control pills or antibiotics, you have several options, depending on timing and what works best for you:

  1. You can arrange to stop by one of our health centers just to pick up the medications. 
  2. Your clinician can call your medications in to your local pharmacy.
  3. Your clinician can mail the medications to your home.


Is telehealth safe?

Yes. Telehealth, sometimes called “telemedicine,” is not new. Many different types of health care services have been provided by telehealth for years, and by many different types of health care providers.
During your telehealth appointment, you’ll be getting care from our same expert health care providers you would see in our health centers. But as always, our health centers are open, and if you prefer to come in person we are here and ready to make you an appointment today at any of our health centers. And for many services you can just walk right in.


What about privacy and security?

For telehealth visits, we use a safe and secure online platform that is HIPAA compliant. That means it is specifically designed to keep private health information secure. Our staff will be in a private place when they talk with you. On your end, we will confirm with you that you are in a comfortable place to have the conversation. You can be anywhere during the visit, but we encourage you to make sure you can be in a place where no one else is around that you wouldn’t want to hear the conversation. 

After you schedule a telehealth appointment you will receive a unique URL (link) to visit when it’s time for your appointment. This link is specific to you and your visit, so do not share it or forward it to anyone else. 


How much does a telehealth visit cost?

The cost of a telehealth visit varies. Your telehealth visit may be free or low cost with health insurance. Click here to view a list of health insurance providers that we are in network with. But some insurance plans don’t cover all sexual and reproductive health services. At Planned Parenthood, we work hard to give you the services you need, whether or not you have insurance. We will work to make sure your visit is affordable. If you are unable to pay, or if you have questions about payment, give us a call at 1-800-230-PLAN to speak more with our staff and learn about getting care.

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