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Our Mission

Planned Parenthood Northern California champions healthy communities and increases access to quality health care, information and reproductive freedom by providing medical services, education and advocacy.

Our Vision 
We believe in the right to sexual and reproductive self-determination that is non-coercive, non-exploitive and responsible.

We believe in trusting individuals and providing them with the information they need to make well-informed decisions about sexuality, family planning and childbearing.

We believe that children flourish best in families and communities where they are nurtured, honored and loved.

We believe in passion – for change, for social justice, and for easing the plight of others through community collaborations and partnerships.

We believe in acting courageously, especially as allies, with those who have little or no voice and little or no power.


Planned Parenthood Northern California offers friendly and compassionate health care services to about 100,000 people a year at 23 health care sites across 20 counties in Northern California, from San Francisco to Del Norte County. We provide expert, personalized care to women, men, and young people of all genders and identities.

We serve an additional 55,000 adults and young people with community services and sex education programs held at schools, religious institutions, parent workshops and more. We are tireless advocates who fight to protect and advance sexual and reproductive health care, education and access to services for all people regardless of income, immigration or insurance status.

We care. No matter what.

Our expert and caring medical staff gives each client honest information and personal attention. We provide a range of reproductive and general health services including birth control, counseling, hormone therapy, medication and surgical abortion, prenatal care, pregnancy testing, PrEP, PEP, STD screening and treatment, and sterilization.

Our community services, education and outreach program is one of the largest in the country. We provide medically accurate, developmentally-appropriate sexuality education and case management services to nearly 55,000 youth, teens, parents and adults annually. Our trained health educators and case managers are innovators who utilize the resources of the entire organization to tailor programs and services that fit the diverse needs of the many communities we serve.

Our robust advocacy programs ensure that all individuals and families have access to reproductive and sexual health care, education and information. We work to secure public funding to support family planning for those with limited resources and we are passionate advocate for policies that enable all Californians to access the health care and education services we all need and deserve.