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Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Planned Parenthood Northern California is proud to provide gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) to transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive patients.

PPNorCal is committed to improving the way transgender people receive health care and we proudly work together with the transgender community to lead the way in eliminating barriers to care.

All initial consultations for GAHT are done via Telehealth and then all 17 health centers across Northern California can see patients for their follow-up visits.

Informed Consent

PPNorCal believes that when fully informed, our patients are more than capable of determining what is best for themselves and their bodies.

Informed consent means a person has been fully informed and understands both the risks and benefits of hormone therapy.

Patients aged 16 to 17 require a letter of readiness and eligibility for hormone therapy from a qualified gender therapist, as well as a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Patients over 18 are not required to have an approval letter from a therapist to start hormone therapy.

How does GAHT work?

Estrogen-based therapy typically involves blocking or suppressing testosterone production and giving estradiol (estrogen). Testosterone-based therapy typically involves giving testosterone.

Hormone therapy may include topical gels, pills, patches, and/or injections. Clinicians work closely with our patients to determine the most appropriate type of hormone therapy for them.

Individuals may factor in medical conditions, personal preference, cost and insurance coverage, convenience, and many other factors when determining the right hormone plan for them. A patient's hormone plan may change over time as their goals, preferences, insurance, or other factors change.

Other Gender-Affirming Care

We serve people along all areas of the spectrum of gender identity and expression. A basic tenet of gender-affirming care is respecting our patients' names, pronouns, and gender identity in every aspect of the health care we provide.

While PPNorCal does not offer other gender-affirming health care, such as surgeries, vocal coaching, or laser hair removal, we have an extensive network of providers to refer patients based on location, insurance coverage, and other factors.