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Planned Parenthood is America's most trusted provider of reproductive health care.

Planned Parenthood of Northern California provides confidential, affordable, high-quality reproductive health care to thousands local women, men, and teens a year. We believe that prevention is the best medicine and accurate information is the most sophisticated instrument in medicine.

We offer a broad range of high-quality services.

We provide a variety of reproductive health services including prevention-oriented services such as:

  • Pap tests and breast exams (also called annual well-woman checkups)
  • Birth control options including long-term methods such as IUDs
  • Vasectomy services
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • Emergency contraception
  • HPV vaccine

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With health centers in throughout Northern California, it’s easy to get the care you need. We offer same day and next day appointments and provide quality, compassionate care, no matter your personal circumstances or ability to pay.

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Payment Options

Planned Parenthood of Northern California offers our quality services at low-to-no-cost. Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on your income and family size.

We accept Medi-Cal, some private insurance, and we can help you sign up for FamilyPACT, a California program that covers family planning services.

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