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North Dakota Reach One Teach One (ND ROTO)

reach_one_teach_one.jpgWhat is Reach One Teach One?

Reach One Teach One is all about health, community, and responsibility. It is a peer education program in partnership with North Dakota State University that gives young people an opportunity to learn about real-life issues related to sexuality and then share their knowledge with others. Content of the lesson plans, taught by Planned Parenthood educators, is always comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate. Reach One Teach One brings resources together to engage young people in an educational program that is ultimately about helping to ensure that their future is bright.

Can I participate?

Participants are ages 14-19. No prior knowledge is needed. Parental permission required if you are under 18.

What will I do in Reach One Teach One?

Learn a lot, meet new friends, and participate in fun games and activities. You’ll get approximately 30 hours of in-depth training over the course of 12 weeks. This is usually about one session per week. A variety of topics are covered, including:
Communication Skills
Goal Setting
Healthy Relationships
Birth Control
Responsible Decision-making
Sexual Violence
After you’ve received training on these topics you will talk with people in your community about what you have learned. This is called a contact, and you will receive payment for the contacts you make.

How much will I get paid?

You won’t become a millionaire, but it is a great experience and a lot of fun. Every session you can turn in a contact (a 15 minute or longer educational conversation with someone you know about what you’ve learned in the program) that will earn you a fabulous prize. If you have completed 20-30 contacts by the end of the program, you will earn an electronic tablet that you can use as you continue peer educating.

Okay, how can I join Reach One Teach One?

Contact us at [email protected]. Call 701-526-0725 or text 701-388-7369. 

Other good-to-know info:

  • Snacks and fabulous prizes will be available at each session.
  • We can help you with transportation or reimburse bus fare.
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ND Reach One Teach One (ND ROTO)