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Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

PASE (Parents Are Sexuality Educators) Forums for Parents

pase-logo.pngToday’s kids are savvier than ever.

TV, pop music and the Internet exposes them to sexual images and messages at increasingly earlier ages. How can parents keep up?

We can help.

Our PASE sessions encourage parents to communicate healthy messages about sexuality to their children. In small groups, you’ll explore your role as primary sexuality educator through guided discussion. You’ll also learn to understand the various developmental stages of childhood and adolescence – all while meeting other parents with whom you can connect and share.

PASE sessions are offered in English, Spanish, and Hmong. They take place in private homes, schools, workplaces, community centers or places of worship.

Email us or call 612-821-6198 for more information and to schedule a speaker.

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PASE (Parents Are Sexuality Educators) Forums for Parents