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What is the Clippers and Curlers Shop Talks?

The Clippers and Curlers shop talks is a barber shop and hair salon health education initiative established by Planned Parenthood of Maryland in Baltimore City to educate and empower clients and staff on topics of sexual health, sexually transmitted infections (STI), and HIV. Local area barbershops and hair salons will have the opportunity to have health educators from Planned Parenthood of Maryland come into their shops to promote HIV, STI, and sexual health education and awareness.

Health educators will present the workshops free of charge to local area barbershops and hair salons and will adjust topics based on the needs of the clients and shop.

Workshop topics include:

  • HIV 101
  • STIs 101
  • Partner negotiation
  • Common myths about sexual health
  • Sexual Health/Importance of getting tested
  • Health Relationships
  • Contraception methods

Why should I care?

Small business owners understand the importance of being alert to conditions that may affect their business, their employees and their families, their customers, their community, and their bottom-line (CDC, 2013).

Barbershops and hair salons have always served as hubs for local information where all people come into contact with other community members to disseminate all types of information. This is an opportunity to be a change agent on taboo subjects such as HIV, STIs and sexual health. The Clippers and Curlers workshop series will help community members, especially young to middle aged African Americans, access and communicate accurate and empowering messaging about their sexual and reproductive health in the comfort of their local barbershop and hair salon.

Knowing the statistics and the effects that HIV and STIs can have on our community, Planned Parenthood wants to work in partnership with local businesses to reduce these rates and empower community members through education and resources.

Benefits also include:

  • Serving as a trusted community resource to promote HIV and AIDS awareness, prevention, and education information
  • Opportunity to receive publicity for your business
  • Increased customer appreciation and commitment to your salon or shop
  • Opportunity to show your leadership
  • Participation in a local movement with a long standing non-profit committed to ensuring care for all

What are the goals of the Clippers and Curlers Shop Talks?

  • Inform local community about HIV and STI basics
  • Distribute information about contraception, local testing sites, and reproductive health resources
  • Educate local community members about activities that put people at risk for HIV/STIs
  • Connect community to local testing services and resources

Who do I call if I want more information?

Vice President of Education and Outreach at 410-576-2168 and at [email protected].