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March 23, 2010 was a historic day! It was the day that President Barack Obama signed the health care reform legislation into law; improving health care for American men, women and families.

The final health care reform bill will extend coverage to tens of millions of women and families, guarantee women access to affordable life-saving screenings for cervical and breast cancer, protect women against gender discrimination by private insurers, end the practice of dropping coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and significantly increase insurance coverage of reproductive health care, including family planning.

The health care bill vote was extremely close. In fact, the bill passed by only a few votes. When it mattered most, our local Members of Congress Representative Gene Green, Representative Sheila Jackson Leeand Representative Al Green stood with us and voted YES on health care reform.

Not only did they vote YES on health care reform, but they voted NO on the dangerous Stupak amendment time and time again; up until the very last moment of the health care reform debate. They are champions for women's health and health care for all; they deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Thanks to each of you who made calls, sent emails and supported Planned Parenthood in our efforts to pass health care reform and protect women's health. Nationally, we generated more than 650,000 e-mails and 39,000 calls to Congress. Locally, our tireless volunteers participated in three phone banks in December and January completing nearly 700 calls to voters across the country and patching them through to their Member of Congress; helping beat back the dangerous Stupak amendment in health care reform.

But there is still much work to be done to ensure that all women can get the quality, affordable care they need. We were able to keep the Stupak abortion ban out of the final legislation and the President's Executive Order, but the bill does include the Nelson amendment, which will impose new and severe restrictions on private health insurance coverage for abortion for millions of women. We must continue to be vigilant about any new restrictions on private health insurance coverage for abortion, and will keep you posted on our next course of action.

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