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I’m pregnant. Now what?
You have three options to think about: parenting, adoption, and abortion. There is no right or wrong decision. As part of our commitment to your health care, Planned Parenthood offers education resources and referrals. If you have questions or want to make an appointment, call 1-800-230-PLAN.
If you wish to continue the pregnancy and become a parent, you should begin prenatal care as soon as possible. You will need to have a medical exam early in your pregnancy — and regularly throughout your pregnancy — to ensure that you are healthy and the pregnancy is normal. As part of our commitment to your health, Planned Parenthood can refer you to support services that help with pregnancy and parenting.
If you’d like to continue the pregnancy while considering an adoption plan, you should begin prenatal care as soon as possible to make sure you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Planned Parenthood is also pleased to partner with the Choice Network, an Ohio adoption agency that offers women nonjudgmental support throughout the adoption experience. There are Choice Network counselors throughout Ohio who are happy to work with you. Call 419-308-2303 to connect with them.
If you are considering terminating the pregnancy, abortion is a safe option. Serious complications are rare, but the health risks increase the longer a pregnancy continues. Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio provides abortion services up to 15.6 weeks of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood offers medication or in-clinic surgical abortions. Our medical professionals are available to speak with you about both of these options. More information on abortion.
The choice is yours
Only you can determine which choice is right for you. But women often find it helpful to talk to someone else about the decision they’re facing. You may choose to talk with your partner, a parent or other family member, a close friend, or a religious advisor. You get to choose who is a part of your decision-making process, and the ultimate decision is yours.

Planned Parenthood has resources available to help you at every stage of your process if you need help. You can rely on us for:

  • Trained medical staff to help you talk through the pros and cons of each decision.
  • Connections to faith leaders who can answer your questions regarding your faith and your pregnancy.
  • Compassionate staff who will connect you to the resources you need, including adoption services and OB/GYNs for prenatal care.

At Planned Parenthood, care is more than just a service we provide. Care is the way we interact with the women, men, and young people who rely on us every day. We stand firmly in the belief that all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background, deserve affordable, high-quality health care.
Make an appointment at any of our health centers by phone: 1-800-230-PLAN.