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What provider will I see? What is their training in gender affirming hormone care?

Most gender affirming hormone care is provided at PPCWNY by Advanced Practice Providers (Physician Assistants, Certified Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) in our Family Planning Clinics, which offer a wide range of reproductive and sexual health services, including STD screening, cervical and breast/chest exams, contraception, etc. Clinicians are trained on our medical standards and guidelines, and work with patients to determine a plan for their hormone care based on patients’ medical history, embodiment goals, and the bounds of our medical standards and guidelines. 

Will there be protesters outside the health center? What can they do? Can you make them leave?

There may be protesters outside of our health centers. They can carry signs, and approach you to offer you pamphlets or try to talk to you. They are not allowed to touch you or block your way into the health center or the parking lot. You do not have to talk to them or take their literature. The safest strategy is to ignore them. As long as the protestors do not break the law, and are on public property, they have the right to protest. If you feel a protester has acted inappropriately, please let us know immediately. At some health centers, there may be patient escort volunteers available to walk you into the health center.

Are there gender-neutral bathrooms on site?

Yes, all PPCWNY health centers have gender-neutral bathrooms. All people are supported in using whatever restroom they feel most comfortable with.  

How does PPCWNY handle deadnaming and misgendering?

PPCWNY will always make every effort to communicate with you using your name and pronouns if different from your legal name. Name and pronouns can be recorded in our electronic health records and can be updated using your patient portal or at your visit. Unfortunately, if the legal name listed at your insurance company differs from your affirmed name, we will be required to use your legal name when submitting insurance claims or lab orders, which may result in your deadname being used with various types of billing communication. Please know we are working to educate those around us in hopes of eliminating instances of deadnaming in the future. If you experience deadnaming or misgendering, and you feel the situation is not appropriately handled or corrected, or if you have other concerns about your experience of care, you can call a patient representative at 585-546-2771 or toll free at 1-866-600-6886 to communicate your concern.  

How can I update my legal name with PPCWNY?

You can update your legal name when you call to schedule an appointment or when you arrive at the health center for an appointment. 

What billing codes does PPCWNY use for gender affirming hormone care?

In order to meet the needs of most insurance companies and patients, we typically use the codes F64.0 (Gender identity disorder in adolescence and adulthood) and E34.9 (endocrine disorder, unspecified). We recognize that much of the language around billing for gender affirming care is troublesome; we recognize this is medically necessary care and will work to decrease barriers to getting folx the care they need. If you have concerns about the specific billing claims being used for your care, please please speak with your clinician. 

Does PPCWNY have social work or therapy services? Can PPCWNY write a letter of mental health support for gender affirming surgery for me?

Unfortunately, at this time, PPCWNY does not offer social work or mental health services. We can provide a letter documenting use of gender affirming hormones by our patients if requested, but cannot provide a letter of mental health support for surgeries. We are happy to provide patients with resource lists for mental health services and surgeries.