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Effects of Testosterone-Based Hormone Therapy

Testosterone-based hormone therapy is medicine that can be used as part of your gender transition process. Some of the changes may be permanent while others may be reversible and go away when medication is stopped. 

Effect Expected Onset Expected Maximum Effect Reversibility
Facial and Body Hair Growth

1-6 months

1-2 years Permanent 
Increased Muscle Mass and Strength

6-12 months

*significantly dependent on amount and type of exercise

2-5 years Reversible
Deepened Voice 3-12 months 1-2 years Permanent
Cessation of Menstrual Periods  2-6 months N/A Reversible
Clitoral Enlargement  3-6 months 1-2 years Permanent
Body Fat Redistribution 3-6 months 2-5 years Reversible
Skin Oiliness/ Acne  1-6 months 1-2 years Reversible
Male Pattern Baldness  >12 months Variable Permanent
Increased Sex Drive  Variable Variable Reversible