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Information For Youth

Teens are always welcome at Planned Parenthood. We hope the resources below answer many of your questions and help you prepare for a health care visit. Check out the resources on sex, relationships, your body, and other topics below.

Looking for info on sex, relationships, your body, and more?

Check out these Planned Parenthood resources. 


Know Your Rights: Sex Education

  • Know Your Rights - Learn how the 2016 California Healthy Youth Act impacts you and comprehensive sexual health education at your school.
  • California Healthy Youth Act - Read the ACLU's fast facts about CHYA.
  • Take Action! ACLU Toolkit - Check out the ACLU's Advocacy Toolkit to ensure your local schools provide comprehensive sexual health education.

Know Your Rights: Sex, Pregnancy, And Parenting

  • Teen Health Rights - Answers to your questions about teens’ legal rights and responsibilities related to sex, pregnancy, and being a young parent in California.

Health Center Visit FAQs

What can I expect during my visit: Visit our page on how to prepare for your visit.

What are my privacy rights: We encourage teens to discuss their health care concerns with the parents, caring adults or other trusted adults. However, teens may consent to certain medical services on their own. Check out the resources below:

National Center for Youth Law's fact sheet on Minor's Rights

Review our privacy practices

How much will services cost: In California, most reproductive health services are covered by Medi-Cal or Family PACT, so there would be no cost to you. Family Pact is a state program that gives people access to family planning and reproductive health care services. We can sign you up for Family PACT when you come in for your visit, if needed. However, there may be some tests, medications or other services that the medical staff feel are important for you that are not covered by Family PACT or Medi-Cal, so there would be a charge to you. Cost of services is based on a sliding fee scale.

If you're covered by private insurance, you may use your insurance to help pay for the visit. In California, if you are covered under another person's health plan—like your parent's or spouse's—you have the right to keep your insurance claim confidential by submitting a Confidential Communication Request form. You can learn more about this at: myhealthmyinfo.org.

Youtube Series

Youtube Series

Check out Planned Parenthood's educational videos! This channel has dozens of informative videos about health relationships, sex, reproductive health, and more.